Monday, July 24, 2006

Cats pretty much out of the bag and it says, "Meow!"

After our friend told my husband that he read in my blog that I was pregnant, and this seemed to bother my husband even though it was completely unintenional that I stole his limelight (because he likes to tell people things), I decided to remove all my posts about my pregnancy. Of course, my doing this gave him the leeway to tell just about everyone he knows and then some, starting with that day and continuing until today. It seems everyone is his "good friend," and well, since it makes him happy, I'm just not going to worry about it. I'd still rather have waiting until exactly 3 months just to make sure zit decided to stick around for the full 9 months, but my husband is a bit of a verbose braggart (in the nicest sense), and it's better he's happy talking about this than being sad keeping it in.

Work is a different story. There are two things going on that's driving both of us to tell people. 1. My husband took it upon himself during some class to share with everyone in that class that we were going to London/Dublin in August, so we are still getting people asking about our trip almost daily, and 2. I'm starting to look like a large football lineman.

Since we cancelled our UK trip last week, and people like to ask us about it, we both knew it was going to get awkward if we just kind of ho-hummed about the whole thing. Me, I would have just said we weren't going because something came up, and then got mad if the person pushed me. Him, he feels like he's got to be truthful to everyone he knows, and hey, then he gets to talk about going to Montreal (which, by the way, he's getting more excited about going to since people are constantly telling him it'll be fun) PLUS he gets to tell people that we're pregnant. Cool beans!

My linebackerness is becoming more and more of a personal issue to me because people hardly look me in the eye anymore. Generally I get a slight eye to eye glance, then their eyes move to my torso, pause, then they go back to my eyes. I stare at their eyes the whole time, and luckily I haven't had anyone ask me yet if I'm pregnant (besides the first time when I really wasn't, and one a few weeks after I found out that I was, but I just looked more chubby than pregnant at that point). I did find out today that someone asked my co-worker if I was, who at the time didn't know, so she said she didn't think so. And then a co-worker friend that does know told me he noticed I was getting "chubby," especially that day we told him.

So yeah, I'd say the cat's out of the bag. I still haven't told one of my good friends, and most of the people I talk to at work don't know, but that's okay. When the time arrives, they'll all find out. When I'm at sumo wrestler size, maybe.

So to save my own sanity and so I can wear comfortable pregnancy clothes that maybe are a bit too big for me, but I don't care cause I really can't wear anything else, I'm just going to let the confusion reign. My husband's doing a good job telling people he talks to a lot, so I figure it'll be around work within the week, if not sooner.

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