Friday, July 21, 2006

UK Trip #2

Good thing I didn't plan much for our trip cause now we're not going. Long story, one I'm not about to get into on my blog, but we've changed our plans to Montreal instead.

I'm way excited, mostly cause I heard it's like going to Europe without going to Europe, our hotel room looks fabulous, and we can go gambling! I think this will be a great trip, even if we don't get to sit together on the plane because we booked our flight 2 weeks or so before leaving. I could pull some sob story at the airport, which may work, who knows, and then we can sit next to each other.

I get to practice my very limited French too! Oui! Comment ca-va? Je suis une Americaine. J'em appelle Janine! Janine est Francais! J'adore les chats! Ummm...yeah, very limited.

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