Sunday, July 09, 2006

Frontier Village

I found out last night that when I was a wee child, about 4 or 5, my grandmother took my sister and I to her work picnic at Frontier Village in San Jose, California, and as soon as we got into the gates, or maybe near the picnic area, we were handed over to a stranger/co-worker of my Grandmother's to be toted around all day like rent-a-children.

I remember going to Frontier Village, and I remember getting a t-shirt made for my mom that had a picture of myself and my sis on it, but I don't remember the part of being toted around by a stranger all day.

And I wonder why I have issues.


Anonymous said...

I don't think we were toted around by anyone. I think we were left to do whatever we wanted. Grandma, a friend (probably a work friend) and the two of us went. I think Mom got confused.

jmz said...

Then that is between you and mom. I don't remember the day at all except that we went and that we got a shirt made. Perhaps just being in Frontier Village for a day while being a wee child messed me up forever (that an a million other things, most of them my own doing).