Sunday, July 09, 2006


I signed up for in order to look at someone else's profile. One day I got it in my head to actually fill out my profile, although it's nothing compared to other people's with their flashy backgrounds and streaming videos. I only have one picture up, and that's the same one I pretty much use on all web sites, and the one you can view by looking to your right.

Since I updated my profile, no one's been bugging me -- until today. Today I received many, many, MANY (and sometimes repetitive) requests to be people's friends. Three were from bands (one I actually know of and reviewed their CD a while back, but who annoyed the heck out of me, so there is no way I want to be their friend, which really means allowing them to be an advertising spot on my page), one was from some person who had no info about her/himself but just seemed to like friends, and one was for some guy in a wheelchair who has a fund (the "jordan fund") and seems to only want attractive, blonde chickies to be his friend, and since I am not blonde, nor very attractive, I declined.

After I declined Jordan, he asked me to be his friend again. I guess he's suffering from short-term memory loss besides whatever ailment that put him in a wheelchair.

I always wondered how people had a million friends on Myspace, but I guess it's like trading cards -- you just collect as many friends as you possible can so you look really good.

But I don't need any friends. Especially weirdeos like this guy:

Who not only plays extremely bad music, but also looks like a child molester to me.

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