Monday, July 31, 2006

Pregger Clothes

Buying a whole new wardrobe can put a huge stress on one's budget. And this is exactly what I'm finding myself doing now that I'm getting bigger and bigger as the weeks go by. I realized after last week that I still don't have enough large granny panties to wear nor do I have black pants, which was killing me because I have all sorts of odd-colored pants and odd-colored shirts, but they really don't work well with each other unless I want to look like a rainbow.

So we went to the Pleasanton Mall to look for more clothes for me. Unfortunately, the Pleasanton Mall only had one store -- Motherhood -- and while their clothes are really cute, I just wasn't in the mood to spend a lot of money. We were on our way out and I spotted JCPenneys, so I thought I'd try there. Low and behold, they were having some crazy "get rid of all our inventory sale," and I found black capris and the best find yet -- nice work shirts that I can wear until I pop for less than $4.00 each! I'm usually not the type to state how much I spend on things because there really is no reason except to please myself, but that was the most fabulous deal I've ever found. I've been really fortunate to buy most of my maternity clothes on sale, which saves money, but this was the best deal ever!!! So now I have three of the same shirts, but in different colored patterns. And I'm going to wear those suckers until they're tattered!

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