Monday, July 31, 2006

One Week Left

We have one week left before our vacation. I'm looking forward to it for one main reason: Sleep. Seems our cats don't want us to sleep at night anymore, and at this rate, I'll never get a full night's sleep before Zit is born (and definitely not afterwards, but I do enjoy my naps a lot, so I'm not too worried about it especially with a grandmama who loves her grandbabies and a sister who can't wait to get her hands on a newborn who wails "la, la, la" because it can't do much more than that).

Since our lack of sleep is driving us both nuts, we had the, "won't it be weird to be able to sleep all night without Zoe bashing the blinds or Sophia yowling her head off" conversation. But then I realized I'll miss them both in general for all the cute and cuddly things they do do on a day-to-day basis.

We still aren't ready for the trip, although we have more of a game plan than we did for the UK. Two things we want to do: Go to the Casino de Montreal (which just happens to be right across the river from where we are staying, and even though I say that like it's a hop, skip and a jump from our hotel, I really don't know how far away it is from us), and driving to Quebec City, which we were told by many people we had to drive to because the drive is supposed to be absolutely beautiful as is Quebec City. I was also told that my fancy French language skills wouldn't be needed because people don't speak French in Montreal, but I'm not going to believe that until I get there. I think a nice "merci" and "s'il vous plait" would be good every so often to show I'm not some silly Yank (even though I am, I just got me some book learnin' under my belt).

We just happen to be staying right behind (or in front, depends on where you're standing) of the La basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal. While I'm not a church person, I'm intelligent enough to know I will appreciate it for it's beauty. And we've been told we're right in the middle of everything. So besides what I've mentioned and some museums, I don't know what else lays ahead of us. Eating and shopping and walking, probably.

I'm definitely making my husband eat French food (when in Rome). And I want to go to this oft-mentioned restaurant, Eggspectation, because they're supposed to make the best breakfasts. And they make crepes. And I want to eat a crepe!

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