Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fire! Fire! Fire!

It amazes me that with all the apartment complexes we've lived in for the past 10+ years, it wasn't until we moved into our condo complex that we've encountered fires due to idiot people who live in the complex.

As with the last time, which was on a Sunday, we were late getting outside tonight after the alarm went off because of the kitties. I only received one massive scratch from Missy Sophia, and Zoe was a dream kitty after I got her out from under the bed. By the time we both got out, I couldn't breath because of running around (probably the most activity I've done since I've gotten pregnant) and panicking and just being pregnant.

I'm now flat on my back trying to relax, Zoe is wandering our condo in a daze and not talking (highly unusual), and Missy Sophia is under the bed, where she'll be for a few days.

Fires are always fun. I just wonder when we're going to have a really bad one, and if we do, when my husband and I will give up on trying to get the kitties in the cat carriers and just leave them. (Never)

Someone even made a comment about how we had to get our "kids" out first. Yes, that's right. They are my babies!!!

Anyway, Zoe lost another life from fear, Missy is in a coma, and I'm hoping the shock and adrenaline didn't do much to my Zit. Other than that, all is well.

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