Monday, August 14, 2006


On Saturday, at 12:30pm, I will be getting my haircut for the first time in over a year. I hope this time I will not walk out of the salon feeling I just spent 70 bucks on a haircut I could have gotten for 10 bucks at Supercuts or that my mom could have done with one hand strapped behind her back.

I have faith and hope and a really good picture to hand over that shows exactly what I'm looking for, which is bangs, length and - shocker - LAYERS, that I will walk out feeling somewhat satisfied. I will hope that my first thought will not be to rush home, yank all my side hair up and then continually sport the top barrette look for the next 6 months while some of the layers grow themselves out.

I hope that I do not suffer from the "flip" syndrome, which always seems to happen to me if my hair is cut to close to my shoulders -- I do not look good with a flip, unless it's a flip curling under, but it never will without hours and hours of blow drying and hairspray, and even then, it'll flip the other way eventually.

I hope, hope, hope beyond all hope, that the person who is cutting my hair will look at the picture of the haircut I want, will agree it's a good choice for my hair type (flat, thin hair), and will proceed with such enthusiasm and positiveness that I will feel wonderful the whole time my butt is sitting in the chair.

I also hope this person isn't a Chatty Cathy who wants me to talk about something either very important (like my pregnancy, which I don't like to talk about too much because I just get unwarranted advice and opinions and stories that pretty much irk me) or things of no importance, which only irks me even more because I don't do small talk and never will. I become uncomfortably quiet and resolute to not talk any further.

Okay, so what it comes down to it is this: I hardly ever get my hair cut (maybe once every 1.5 years or so) because of all the above factors, and I just hope this time my bad attitude thoughts really do prove me wrong because the ugly stick (or low self-esteem and a large upper body stick) has seemed to whack me even harder these past few months since I got pregnant, and I need to feel good in some way, and heck, and new haircut should do it, right?

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