Monday, August 14, 2006

More things about Montreal that have come to mind

1. They don't believe in paper toilet seat covers in public bathrooms, but do believe in those air blowers in lieu of paper towels to dry you hands (or whathaveyou since you can make the nozzle point upwards and downwards).

2. People in Montreal believe in being tan. Tan is the way to go. Whether you live there and are tan, or you're visiting and tan, it doesn't matter. You must have a tan, be tan, try to obtain a tan, be in the process of tanning or something is wrong with you. Pale little ol' me didn't get a tan, although we walked around so much in the sun, you'd think I would have gotten some sort of tan.

3. There are no maternity clothes shops to be found. At least I didn't find them. But I did spot enough pregnant ladies wandering around to know that they have to be somewhere. When a sales gal at Old Navy was asked about the lack of maternity clothes (if you can believe it -- the Old Navy there didn't even have a section for maternity clothes -- so sad), she said that she thought there might be one shop in the "other" mall across the way, but she wasn't sure and didn't know the name. Since we were totally confused about which mall we were in at what time and where we were exactly in the underground city, we never ended up finding this one "maybe" maternity clothes shop. Needless to say, I ended up with nothing except an XLarge Montreal t-shirt that's way too big for me, but I will certainly grown in to.

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