Sunday, August 20, 2006


So my hair is cut, it's pretty short, and it has layers. As far as my haircut experience goes, it's a bit unnerving to have a girl cutting my hair who doesn't really talk. Then come to find out she was just a "stylist," which means she has the least amount of experience than all the rest. Saved me money, but not what I wanted (and no, I didn't ask, I'm a fool). I hate Chatty Cathys, but I really don't like Silent Bobs either.

The freakest part of the haircut was when she started cutting my bangs. I'm very particular about my bangs, so when I started feeling these sharp twingey pains from her doing something to them (she ended up turning me sideways so I couldn't really watch what she was doing), I wanted to cry. I was afraid I'd have no bangs. When she finally showed me, she had just thinned them out, which is funny cause my bangs are already thin as it is, but it seemed to help make them look less heavy.

Apparently fine hair is an anomaly in the hair cutting business, and that was one of the few comments she made about me or my hair. The stylist next to her had to feel up my hair and tell me it was fine. Thanks, but I think I knew that already.

Do I like my hair? I'm not sure yet. I have to style it today and then I'll decide. My husband likes it, "especially the back" (I guess I'll always turn around so he doesn't have to see my front, sniffle), and my mom said, "It's short" with a shoulder shrug. Not too encouraging, but I can't really expect much more since my hair always looks the same no matter what happens to it.

Next hair styling adventure: a permanent wave! But that's after Zit comes, of course.

UPDATE: My hair cut didn't quite work out so well for me. I had to buy 26 bucks worth of styling items (round hairbrush, mousse, curling iron) in order to save my hair sanity. I got it looking okay this morning, then by the time I got to work, it just went back to doing what it was doing yesterday. Lesson learned: Just stick to straight, flat, limpy hair.

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