Sunday, August 06, 2006


During a rather blase meal at Casa Robles in Fremont (used to be Fernando's but may as well stayed the same; you can read my unfavorable review on, my husband said probably the nicest thing he's said to me in a long time: He thinks I'll be a great mom.

I think I'll be a great mom as well (I sorta have to be otherwise I'd feel like a loser), but it's nice to actually hear someone else tell you that. I've been getting lots and lots of words of advice about Zit and other things, and it was becoming pretty overwhelming for me because it was making me doubt myself and my capabilities (do I really need people to tell me everything that I should / shouldn't be doing? -- in many ways yes, but at the same time I feel like I've already lost control over my own decision making capabilities), so by having the one person who I have been sharing this experience with daily tell me something that positive, it was very uplifting. And I'm always in need of some sort of uplifting, boy howdy, ain't that the truth.

I guess I can get through this with some padding on to deflect things that drive me nuts (like being told, right after being congratulated, that I won't deliver on time and I'll be late, probably a week or two -- uh, okay....I'm well aware of that, but why is that the one thing you decide to tell me? or that the butt of my joke is that I'm eating everything in sight (yes, yes, hence the too fast weight gain, but give me a break, people!)).

If anything, it's good to be on vacation.

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