Sunday, August 13, 2006

Quelle Experience!

I heard that said over and over and over and over in the airport Saturday morning while waiting for a flight we weren't even supposed to be on because the ticket lady couldn't "find" us or our flight (my mom, on the other hand, did find our flight). We were surrounded by a group of francophones who we later found out were the real deal and directly from France, and who were all on some chaperoned tour; Destination: San Francisco. The chaperone lady kept saying "quelle experience, ooohhooo!" over and over when her francophone friends were telling her stuff very loudly in French (and mostly directly in my ear). I realized then how sick I was of listening to French and how desperately I wanted to go home and listen to mostly English.

Now I'm wondering if I'll run into these Frenchies next week while in San Francisco. I might lose it. Quell surprise.

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