Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sarah & No Name

I used to listen to Sarah & No Name (actually, Sarah & Vinnie when it first started) while driving to the BART station each morning until my husband started working in the same city, and he became obsessed with getting to the BART station as soon as we could. The show wasn't on at that time, of course. Before he worked in the same city, he would sometimes take me to BART in the morning and pick me up later on, and I always changed to station to Sarah & No Name. So he knew the show.

For some reason he started listening to it while at work and now loves it. I don't listen to it at work, so I just miss out on all the fun.

Since Friday we've gone to work together, and three days so far we've left before 7am, which means the show is on the radio, and we can listen to it.

But what does my husband do? I realized this today -- once we get in the car and start listening to the show, my husband has to then start talking over the show to tell me what happened on the show the day before.

So today I stopped him and told him that he keeps doing that -- talking over the current show so he can tell me about a past show. Which means I'll never hear the show, even if I'm in the car and it's on. He was perplexed, so I told him that he keeps doing it, and that I'd like to listen to it in real-time. I told him to finish what he was telling me, but then to be done with it. Of course he didn't finish.

Boys and their toys and men with their stories.

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