Thursday, August 31, 2006

Missy Sophia

My lovely and very particular kitty Missy Sophia loves the bathroom. She thinks the bathroom is the perfect place to get attention and love and she purrs and gently taps us (well me, my husband hardly ever lets her in the bathroom with him) to tell us she's there and loves us and it's just a huge love fest for her.

We have a routine now: I open the bathroom door, she runs in and jumps on the toilet seat, I pick her up, and put her back on the floor. We leave the seat down because we had a cat who liked to drink the toilet water, and it's something we just never got out of the habit of doing.

The other night, when I was having trouble sleeping and was dead, bone-tired, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (another pregnancy side affect that was supposed to decrease after the 2nd trimester, but hasn't, gosh darn it). Sophia was already up and moving around. When she saw my stumbling to the bathroom, she ran to the door, waited for me to open it, and then ran inside.

Usually I will wait for her to jump on top of the toilet seat so I can then pick her up, give her a kiss and drop her on the ground so I can proceed with my business. But being dead, bone-tired that night, half asleep and brain dead, I didn't think. I just lifted the toilet seat up right when Sophia jumped to get on top of it.

My brain didn't even register what was about to happen until Sophia turned and gave me a "how dare you be so stupid, you stupid, stupid human! you know I like to jump on top of the toilet seat, you idiot! And now I have toilet water all over myself! Disgraceful!" look.

I quickly reached over to grab her so she wouldn't fly into the toilet completely, but she's a quicker thinker than I am at 2am. She jumped back, started flaying her little wet paws around, trying to shake off the water while shooting me dagger looks from hell.

I finished my business and stumbled back to bed, feeling really bad, but not so bad that I would try to dry off her little paws for her before going back to sleep.

And you'd think she'd never want to jump on top of the toilet seat again, but she still does it. Maybe she's just more careful of her human idiots who are "taking care" of her.

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