Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Size does matter!

Now that I'm into my 4th month of pregnancy, I find myself noticing pregnant women everywhere and wondering what month they're in. I'm not really showing so much except that my boobs are huge, which makes my upper body look like a lineman's (I am going to post a picture of myself that my husband took while in Montreal so people can see that I am not joking about how big I am up top), and that pretty much makes the rest of my body look all off-kilter since I'm short and have a relatively small frame that's just got tons of weight on it right now. So what I'm showing is my huge boobs, my large upper body, upper tummy fat roll, and Zit. I cannot wait until my upper tummy fat roll and Zit come together so at least I am round. And then it'll make more sense why I'm wearing tent shirts.

There is a gal at work who is pregnant, and my husband and I both thought she was close to having her baby. Well, more so my husband, I thought she has a couple more months to go. One day she started wearing maternity tops, and then then next day she was all nice and round, and then she just seemed rather big. Come to find out she's only in her 5th month. I'm in my 4th month. So she's got 4 more months to go of growing and all that good stuff. And I have 5. Sigh.

There's this lady on BART in the morning who is pregnant. One day I realized it, told my husband, who said she wasn't (it was hard to tell), but then a few weeks like she got round and huge and her jacket wouldn't close all the way around her belly. And then she got HUGE, huge, and we both thought she was ready to have her baby. She's still on BART to this day -- sporting a HUGE belly, t-shirt that doesn't go over her belly and a old lady sweater for warmth (I don't think she invested in maternity clothes for whatever reason because there is no reason to walk around San Francisco with your pregnant belly hanging out).

So where am I going with this? I'm just a bit freaked out is all. I can't take anymore boob growth, in fact, the size I am right now would cause me to consider a boob reduction if I didn't need them for another purpose later on. I have a pinhead, and well, with huge boobs and an upper body, it makes me sorta look like a shrunken head doll. I can only hope that from this point on, only Zit grows and not my upper body. Perhaps when Zit gets huge, and I get huge along with Zit, I'll sort of even out a bit.

I can hope? If anything, my lower legs are looking darn thin compared to everything else.

And thank goodness for About. com and their pregnant belly pictures. There is nothing better than looking at all the crazy women who posted their belly pictures at your same week so you can compare and contrast and feel a bit better about how you look.

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