Thursday, August 17, 2006

How we were held hostage by maid service

Montreal things keep popping into my head, but really, with this one, it goes pretty much across the board with most hotels we've stayed at:

Being held hostage by maid service!!!

The first day we stayed in our room, we had a small amount of toilet paper on the roll, an extra one under the sink, and plenty of tissues. The next day, we ended up almost using all of the extra roll, but since we had tissue, it wasn't a big deal. Until we used up all the tissue. When we left for the day, we assumed that house keeping would replenish our toilet paper roll, leave an extra roll under the sink and then give us some more tissues. No such luck. All she did was replace the roll on the spinner.

So the next day my husband left her money on top of the TV in our bedroom with a cute little note stating "For House Keeping." I found that funny because who else would it be for? But then again, what if we just left the money on the TV because we're dumb, and she took it thinking it was a tip, and then we turned her in to the concierge and she had to go to house keeping jail?

My husband then took the toilet paper roll that was on the spinner and shoved it into his suitcase for fear she'd think that was enough.

Needless to say, she took the money, but didn't leave us and extra roll of toilet paper or anymore tissues.

By the next day we had tissues again, though.

I just think it's evil of the house keeping peeps to do this to people. Out of all the things they could "forget" to do, replenishing toilet paper and tissues should not be one of them. It's just a ploy to get money out of people, I tell you. Cause who cares if they don't pull your sheets and blankets back so the bed is made again? Or that the pillows I had scattered around the living area aren't put back all nice and neatly on the couch? Toilet paper is important, I tell you.

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