Thursday, September 07, 2006

BART fun

I've slowly realized that I completely embarrass the heck out of my husband because of my Barting ways.

As I've mentioned a bazillion times before, I'm a stickler for line management at the BART station. The first incident where my husband wanted to push me into the oncoming train (okay, okay, not that bad) happened a few weeks ago. Everyone was sidled up against the wall instead of closer to the yellow strip, and it was annoying, so I stayed hanging out to the side, near the yellow strip. He kept grabbing me, trying to get me to conform (gasp!) to the other people in line, and I wasn't having it. He finally let me be, and, because of my crafty line business, I managed to get an empty bench while the people in line were still shuffling on board.

Yesterday we got to the station at 5:15, and, as you can imagine, the station was packed full of people trying to get home. Our train was a 10-car train, so we headed to the very first line since that car tends to be the emptiest. When I got to the line, I was very dismayed to see that there was only one line. All the other lines had two lines, like they should, but no one was brave enough to step up and start the second line with the first car. I mean, come on, people -- the single line was so long, it was almost at the edge of the other side of the station.

Perhaps I feel more gutsy because I have my husband with me, I don't know. All I know is it's really dumb to only have one line, and one long line fool of wimps at that, so I declared I was going to start the second line. My husband was in the single line (now curving), and when I turned around to look at him, he had that look of "I'm going to abandon you right now if you don't turn around and stand next to me." I told him to get in my line and as soon as he moved, a bunch of other people moved into my line as well. They all probably wanted to kill me for doing what I did and being the first in the second line, but oh well, not guts no glory.

I tried grabbing my husband by the arm and pulling him close to me, but he wasn't having it. I think he didn't want any part of the rebellion if someone tried to knock me down.

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