Friday, September 08, 2006

Where's Zoe?

We got home later than normal last night, and when I went inside our condo, Missy Sophia was sitting in the hallway, waiting for us. I loved her up and then started calling for Zoe.

Most of the time Zoe is out and about, usually in the bedroom, but yesterday she wasn't sitting on the rug, waiting for me. I kept calling her name, and then my husband was calling for her, and we both couldn't find her. I figured she was under the bed for some reason and she'd come out soon.

That's when Missy sat herself down in the hallway, near the bathroom, and stared up at my husband with imploring eyes. He kept talking to her, and she kept staring, and then for some reason my husband decided to open the bathroom door.

Out comes Zoe.

"She was locked in the bathroom!" he said to me.

Zoe ran out and ran to me with a frantic look on her little face. I picked her up and hugged and kissed her, and then took her in the other room so she could eat, drink or pee to her heart's desire. Instead of doing that, she just followed me around for a bit.

We're still not sure what happened -- either my husband locked her in when we left in the morning, or she went into the bathroom and closed the door on herself (it's been known to happen, just not for an extended period of time). Needless to say, after some food, water and litter box usage, Zoe had a lot of pent-up energy to expel, which consisted of a lot of running through the kitchen while meowing really loudly while I cooked dinner.

I hope this isn't a representation of what kind of parents we're going to be. Luckily Zoe is the bounce-back kitty of all times and didn't let it affect her. She just won't go in that bathroom anymore.

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