Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crazy brain strikes again

It's 3:40 am, I've been up since 2:30 am due to uncomfortableness and having to pee. I was dying of thirst, so I wandered into the kitchen to find Zoe hunkered down in front of the dishwasher. I asked her what was wrong, and she answered me by trying to crawl under the dishwasher, after some invisible critter that I'm hoping is not a mouse or a cockroach or some other icky critter, and is only a spider (although I don't really want to know that) or a fake mouse (probably the case).

I went back to bed to inform my husband of Zoe's activities, and he mumbled it wasn't a mouse, go back to sleep and why did I let the other one out (Sophia).

I couldn't go back to sleep because of my crazy brain running in circles about money and all the things we have to pay for in the upcoming months and how much Zit has cost us already (as the lady at the store said yesterday, it only gets worse as they get older....) and whether we're going to be able to pay for everything we need to pay for, including my biggest worry, property tax, and my second biggest worry, Christmas.

So I moved into the living room to watch "One Week To Save Your Marriage" and "Dateline" since I've already watched all the good shows that were recorded.

Then I start looking at random baby registries and I see that some girls have already put registries up for babies due in December, and I'm thinking maybe I should start my own? But who would look at it? Maybe it's just a good way to get a list together of what we need. Crazy brains like lists. Except my crazy brain likes to list in my head and not on paper. Which is why I'm up at 2:30 am whilst others are happily sleeping.

Perhaps all this uncomfortableness, crazy brain, thirst and worries is due to eating a tasty chicken sandwich with fries at Jacks a little too late in the evening and then coming home and eating a slice of apple pie with low fat cool whip (sugary chemicals), not getting a nap yesterday even though I was dead tired and so was Zit, and that we just bought baby furniture, which means Zit's arrival is coming faster than my crazy brain can process (spending that extra 30 bucks to have the delivery guy actually put together said baby furniture was the easiest decision I've ever made in my life -- even though it got a weird noise reaction from my husband, who, if anything, should be happy about it instead of insulted since he ends up hating whatever it is he's putting together and swearing at it like its killed his next of kin).

And now my battery is running out on my laptop and I don't want to go into the bedroom to get my A/C adapter, so bye bye fun internet company. Good night.

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