Sunday, December 24, 2006

Belly touching

I think the people that know me know that they shouldn't go touching my big pregnant belly for fear of how I'll react. Some people can touch all they want -- my husband, my parents, my sister, any close friends, my doctor, yeah, that's about it -- but with other people, I'd rather they kept their paws off my belly.

There is a temp working my husband's group, and she immediately grabbed onto my belly the first day we were around each other for more than a few seconds. She mentioned that she likes to touch pregnant bellies and that she hopes I don't mind her touching mine. I just smiled. She thinks my husband is the nicest person on the earth, so I decided I would just play along so someone out in the world would think I was the nicest person too -- by association. She's only touched my belly one other time (so far), so I think I can suck it up and deal with it.

Last Friday my husband and I went to Town Hall for a "last nice meal/holiday/date night" sort of meal thing. We got there too early for our dinner reservations, so we were plopped at this large table in the bar area for drinks (non-alcoholic Eli's Refresher for me, thank you very much). The server for the large table area took an immediate liking to my husband and I, and he wanted to chat in between serving people their drinks.

When he brought us our drinks, he asked if we were "together." My husband said we were, kinda, and then touched my belly. The server said he didn't want to assume, cause you never know and then put both of his hands on my belly and started rubbing away. I was immediately uncomfortable because I was having a super "I'm a big, fat, disgusting, whale of a girl" day, and having someone actually touch my body while feeling that way just makes it worse for me. The server then told us how he has 26 nephews and nieces and this and that and blah blah blah and then he ran off.

Later on I told my husband that I think it's funny that the people who just touch my belly without asking are people who don't know me, and that if they did know me, they'd know better because they'd be afraid I was going to blow up.

I still think the two annoying things about being pregnant are: 1. people feel they can say anything to you about how you look, what you're doing, what you're eating/drinking, and 2. the people who think it's okay to touch a pregnant lady's belly. Yes, Mateo is in there and I'm sure he's all cute and lovable (goes without saying), but you're still only touching my enlarged belly and not him.


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