Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kids n' cats

My cats get easily freaked out by weird noises, and yesterday was a day full of them. First every time the phone rang, they both thought someone was coming to the door (this is how we let people into our building), which they both fear for some reason and run away, then Sophia heard something in our bedroom and was acting like an axe murderer was in there, ready to kills us all, then the Safeway guy showed up, which made Zoe run for her dear life and Sophia to sit in the hallway, bobbing her head up and down while the guy gave me the grocery bags, and finally after I got home from the doctors, the pipes made some awful noise in the kitchen, which not only freaked both cats out but me as well.

When I thought everything was over and done with, I began to hear this annoying "zzzzzzzz" noise from the hallway. Then kids talking. Then BAM! a crash into the hallway wall. Then "zzzzzzzzzzzz," kids, BAM! Over and over. Both cats were freaking out, Zoe in the bedroom and Sophia hunkering around the condo, trying to figure out what it was. I looked out our peephole and I saw a kid, then I saw a remote car. Darn it. I am not allowing these bratty kids to stress out my cats, I thought.

So in all my pregnant, bag lady glory, I opened our door and told them to stop playing in the hallway and to stop hitting the wall.

"What?" I heard.

Oh jeez.


One of the kids walked over to the door and peeped at me.

"Ball?" he said.

"Stop hitting the wall -- wall!!!" I said.

"Play with a ball?" he said.

"STOP hitting the WAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL," I said for the millionth time.

He mumbled something and then walked off.

That was the last I heard of them.

Don't be messing with the crazy pregnant bag lady with the bobby-headed cat who sits in the hallway and watches all door interactions. Oh no. Don't you dare.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the kid thought you swallowed a ball!!!

jmz said...

More like a watermelon