Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Trying to be accomodating

Today I have a doctor appointment at 4:50pm. I scheduled a grocery delivery between 10am and noon. This morning my doctor calls and wants me to come in early - between 9am and 10am. I said I couldn't because of the grocery delivery. A bit later the phone rings, and it's the doctor's office again, asking me to come in at 1:30pm. I said I could do that, no problem. A bit later the phone rings, and it's the Safeway guy telling me he's going to be late and won't be there until after 1pm. I told him I won't be here because of a doctor appointment. He said he's got two routes to deliver. I said I won't be here. He asked when I was leaving. I said 12:45pm. He said he could probably make it. I said okay.

So now I don't know if we're getting any groceries this week, and I've pretty much decided to never change plans the day of because they always get screwed up. I could have gone to the doctor in the morning if I had known the Safeway guy wasn't going to show up on time, and now that I changed my appointment so I will be earlier than scheduled and here when my grocery delivery is to show up, now I might not get my groceries.

I told my husband we'll just eat all the food we have in the house and then start on the cat food. In other words, I'm not going to the store.

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