Thursday, January 25, 2007


I bought a Roomba iRobot with some cash that fell into my hands at the end of the year in hopes that it would calm my husband's obsessive need to eliminate all traces of our cats and their litter from our condo. And to just do the regular vacuuming so neither one of us has to.

His name is Bob.

Bob has turned out to be a fantastic cat entertainer. Or expensive cat toy.

Today while I was resting on the couch, Zoe was milling around where Bob is docked. All of a sudden, I heard Bob's "dun-dun-DUN!" song, which means he was turned on. I wasn't sure if he'd start moving since he was docked, so I didn't get up immediately. After a few seconds, he undocked himself and began spinning his wheels. Zoe, apparently, was sitting on top of Bob, which was how he turned on, and right when I turned to look at where Bob was heading, Zoe jumped about 5 feet in the air, landed and ran off.

That's what she gets for messing with Bob. He's one mean machine.

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Anonymous said...

Go Bob Go!!!