Saturday, January 27, 2007

Clean kitchen

To my husband, it seems, a really clean kitchen equals true love. (Mine, as you may remember was him going out and buying me size 11 wide shoes for my big, fat feet.) He came home last night and was pleasantly surprised with a clean kitchen -- dishes put away and new dishes washed, no weird bits in the kitchen sink, garbage taken out (although I'm not sure he's even realized that part yet), etc.. He said, "Wow! Thanks for the clean kitchen!"

As I've mentioned a bazillion times before, I'm way, way WAY pregnant, and there is no way my body could handle cleaning the kitchen at this point. My back can't take holding up all my weight. Plus, I've had numb hands (except my pinkies - when I lose them, I lose my life -- how will I dial the phone?) for a couple of months now, so trying to do anything is quite the task and I usually drop things or hurt myself. So there was no way I could have done that. But what was funny was that my husband actually thought I did clean the kitchen. Like I have that in me. Somewhere, maybe, just maybe, I've been storing all this extra energy and flexibility and stamina.

So when he said what he said, I just smirked and said, "yeah, well." Cause I really can't lie, but I didn't want to immediately tell him I didn't clean it and that my mom did. I figured something would make it clear to him.

But I'll tell you, last night was the first night my husband was actually relaxed. And he actually sat on the couch with me all night (except for the up and down, up and down of his recording CDs project) and didn't get all freaky about messes.

Later on when he opened the silverware drawer, that was when he realized I didn't clean the kitchen. My mom had put the silverware away differently, and I didn't feel like fixing it, so I let it remain as it was.

"Did your mom clean the kitchen???" he asked me.

I just looked at him. I never really said anything, but he knew the answer. He then did the usual, "I was going to clean it tonight, she didn't need to do that, I'll thank her tomorrow," business. He didn't get mad either. Which was amazing.

I told him that she gave him a free night. He actually got to sit around with his lovely wife, unborn son and two beautiful cats, so he could just relax.

Clean kitchen = true love. Too bad I didn't do it.

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