Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Bday to me

There is nothing like coming home from work, seeing your phone flashing, which indicates you have some messages, listening to them and then hearing your dentist, who doesn't speak English very well, say repeatedly, "Happy Birthday and Happy New Year" to you.

Now, my husband has a dental appointment next week, so at first I thought it was a reminder message for him because for some reason our dentist likes to make her own phone calls and doesn't have a receptionist who does this for her. But then I realized she's now phoning her clients instead of sending the usual postcard in the mail when a client has a birthday (don't all dentists do this???)

This means one of the following (or a combo of them all or some of them):

  • She's going green.
  • She's adding a personal touch to the normal birthday wishes.
  • She wants to confuse people because she's hard to understand.
  • She's losing clients like flies and so she is trying everything she possibly can to keep them.
  • She just loves me. And only me in particular. And a Happy Birthday to ME.

I'm not sure which one it is, but I really think someone should take her phone privileges away from her. If I didn't love my dental hygienist so much, I probably would switch dentists at some point, but my dental hygienist is like all other women's hairdressers and knows way too much about me and my personal life for me to build this same relationship with someone else.

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Denise said...

Or you can quietly ask if she works at any other dental office and switch like we did.