Monday, January 01, 2007

Nice Day....

Every single year, it seems, this time of year is full of really bad weather, which puts a huge damper on any birthday plans we could come up with for me -- even though we tend to still go and do something, risking our lives in crazy weather. Since Mateo is living in me this birthday, we decided we weren't doing anything for my birthday because I'd probably just be asleep during most of whatever we planned. And I figured, waaaaaay back when Mateo first turned from 2 cells to 4 cells to an actual embryo, that January would be rainy and ugly as per the norm, so it wouldn't matter anyway that I wouldn't be up to do anything or that we really shouldn't be spending the money.

And then this morning I wake up and look outside, and even though it's cold, it's absolutely beautiful. Now how is that? I told Mateo he owes me a nice, beautiful birthday 20 years from now because I'm going to guess that the next 20 Jan. 2nds will be rainy and ugly.

When I mentioned this to my husband -- how nice the weather is today -- he said sadly, "Yeah, we could have went to Reno...."

Oh well.

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