Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday, Feb. 5th

Update: Nothing is happening. Nothing is happening. Nothing is happening!!! When will I go into labor?

I've passed the "I need rest" stage and have wandered into the "I'm getting really bored" stage of my leave, as I figured would happen. I rested up from the weeks and weeks of having to get up early and work, whether in SF or at home, and now I'm feeling a bit stir crazy. I can't really do anything around the house because if I do, then I'll really get pooped out and my back and pelvis hurt. I keep thinking of being active again. And how I will never ever take it for granted once this is all done (um, yeah...).

Thanks to my dear husband, whom I love very much, I cannot even leave the house to go somewhere (like I would anyway, but knowing that possibility has been permanently taken away from me is a bit disheartening) because he decided to be "in a hurry" yesterday morning when he was moving my car from our covered car spot to the uncovered spot. There was no need for him to be in a hurry in the first place, and now my car is sporting a dangling front light and a wrecked bumper. I haven't looked at the damage yet and will only if I go out to the back parking lot any time soon. Add that to the list of things we need to do once Mateo arrives. So I'm home bound 100% and it's not even my fault. So now I'm waiting for some posting about the carport being damaged and who did it and whoever did will have to pay for the damage....

And this is the 4th time he's done something to a car of mine. He hates my cars. Good thing I love him.

But besides all that, I got my toenails cut because my husband decided they were "gnarly." Never mind he could have cut them weeks ago, but that's okay. I've pretty much given up on looking human until after Mateo arrives. Pregnancy doesn't do wonders for me.

So that's the Mondy, Feb. 5th update. My next doc appt. is on Wednesday, so hopefully my doctor will decide Mateo is too big and schedule a c-section or something. If not, I'll just hibernate for the many weeks Mateo decides to stay put. It's what I do best at this point. Did you know that babies at this stage in pregnancy grow 1 oz a day? Oh yes. So at this rate, if he stays in there, I will be having a 10 lb baby.

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