Thursday, February 01, 2007

The news flipped me off (and you too)

Some crafty PR people decided it was a great idea to promote Aqua Teen Hunger Force via battery operated "lite brite" devices on major highways and roads in Boston. I saw this on the news this morning (today is my first day of leave, I should be asleep, but what am I doing? I'm awake and on the computer), and I thought it was very interesting that during the whole news story, while the news lady was chatting away about how this PR scheme snarled traffic and people thought bombs were going to be dropped on Boston, I was being flipped off. By this guy:

He's one of the characters on the cartoon, and I'm not sure if he's usually drawn in such fashion, but from my quick search, his hand usually doesn't look like that. Regardless of whether the flip-off was intentional or not, I find it amusing that the news station either never realized what this looked like, or they did, but assumed no one else would. If you try to find this picture with news stories online, you'll be hard-pressed.

Oh, and we've officially lost it in the country (I thank Bush for that) because these light boxes were assumed to be bombs planted all over Boston. Does this mean we should report those silly stickers posted all over SF? Graffiti? Weirdoes talking to themselves?

I just wouldn't think of a bomb if I saw it. I would probably just laugh and then pass it and not be blown up. Like all the other cars ahead of me and behind me.

P.S.: As I was just going to click on "publish," the same story came on again, and I was repeatedly flipped-off, again. Apparently these boxes were planted in SF as well. With no incident. I've been to Boston, but I never realized how scared they are there.

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