Thursday, February 01, 2007

38 weeks

Today I'm at 38 weeks in my pregnancy and with no end in sight (Mateo -- don't you want to come out and say hello? There are people who want to meet you...). I'm going to my weekly Dr. appt. today, and for some reason I had a dream right before waking up about today's visit. Two things happened:

1. I saw a different doctor initially, one who was more concerned about the numbness in my fingers/hands than my own doctor. His solution was to slice one of my fingers open and spray cold water on my nerves. He told me this would feel the same as the numb feeling, so it shouldn't bother me. So I let him do it, and instead of it fixing any problems, I just had a sliced up finger, dripping in blood.

2. Later on I went back to finish my appt., and I had one of them 3-D or 4-D ultrasounds performed because the nurse wanted to see what Mateo looked like. Well, well, I thought. I had no idea Kaiser did this. So I said okay, let's do that. I want to see what Mateo looks like as well. So I was taken into this room where a bunch of people were waiting for their appts, and had the ultrasound done. Mateo had fat, chubby cheeks, was looking around and being wiggly. Then he started crying and we all, for some reason, could hear his cries. Then he said, "I don't want to go to sleep!!!!"

That's when I got scared. Chubby = cute. Crying and screaming = not so cute.

Then I woke up and told my husband I saw Mateo and he didn't, but I left out the crying / screaming part.

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