Sunday, February 25, 2007

What I'm discovering as a new mom

My number one discovery as a new mom, and I believe my sister warned me to a certain extent about how baby clothes are made, is that baby clothing makers who use back snaps, snaps up the wazoo and shoulder snaps are evil, evil!!!

Especially for someone like me, who is still suffering from the effects of pregnancy: numb fingers. I don't know how many times I've scratched Mateo trying to snap up his clothes. My sis gave us (Mateo) a ton of clothes, and one of them was a sleeper that zips from the foot, up the leg and to the top of his chest. I love this article of clothing. It saves Mateo from being tortured by numb fingers (me) and it makes diaper changing super quick.

Today Mateo is wearing the cutest long-sleeve onesie with lions all over it. I remember buying it and thinking, "Oh, this is sooo cute!!!" When I was changing him into it, I realized it has three snaps on the back, at the top of the neck. I have a newborn. Newborns are not famous for their neck muscle stability. And you really can't put a newborn on his tummy so you can get to the snaps. So who thought this was a great idea? I did get the back snapped with no injuries to Mateo, but still. And from now on, when I buy clothes, I'm going to be way more picky on how the clothes stay on the baby versus how cute they are.


Denise said...

I warned you that snaps are a lot to deal with when you are exhausted and the baby is fussing. Yes, I loved those zip up sleep n' plays too.

m said...

Back snaps make no sense to me! We got a bunch of cute stuff with back snaps but I never put him in it because I felt like it would bug him since he would be laying right on them.

Neck snaps are good for later sizes - Walker fusses when I have to stretch the neck of a reg shirt over his head. He holds his breath and acts like he is drowning! aww my big headed boy.