Sunday, March 11, 2007

Post pregnancy clothes

I can no longer wear my maternity clothes that well and can't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, so today I had to venture out to Old Navy to buy some new shirts that I have yet to try on because I'm scared of how they will look on me. I'm saving that pleasure for tomorrow, when I'm alone (well, not completely, Mateo will be here too), and so no one who can tell me to stop crying can't witness me doing just that -- crying over my lumps and bumps.

If one or two shirts look okay, I'll be happy. If none look okay, I'm going to be one sad momma.


Denise said...

It has only been a month. Give yourself a break.

m said...

Yeah I agree with Denise - I wore my maternity clothes for a while even when it didn't quite fit.

jmz said...

Yeah, but if all the clothes I bought for the beginning of my pregnancy don't fit cause they're too small, and I only have a few t-shirts I can wear now even though they look weird, I'm sorta at a loss. I actually ran out of clothes to wear this weekend.

: (