Saturday, May 19, 2007

How we parent

Okay, this really isn't a post about how my husband and I parent, but more about how we are similar in thought when certain things happen with Mateo.

This morning Mateo woke up about 6am, so I went into his room, fed him, changed him, changed his clothes because he spit up on his pjs, and then took him into our room to wake up my husband. While Mateo was chattering away and smiling like the smiley boy he is, he started his morning poo. His morning poo soon turned into the brink of a morning poo explosion, so I scooped him up and took him back into his room for a diaper change.

While I was getting a fresh diaper from the drawer, Mateo pooed even more, so I knew the poo had to of leaked out at this point. I flipped his legs up and by doing so, all the excess poo that hadn't been soaked up yet dribbled out the top of his diaper and pooled in his onesie.

"Oh NO!!!" I said a bit loudly. Mateo looked at me like he wasn't sure if I was really yelling or just being silly, so I smiled and said, "Oh NO!"

Then I realized since so much poo had pooled in his onesie, it was going to be hard getting the onesie off without getting poo all over him. I started yelling for help, and soon help (aka my husband) walked into the room. I told him to get a plastic bag so I could put the onesie in it (yes, it was that bad), and then spray it with Oxiclean (thanks, sis) in the bathroom.

"I'm not sure how to do this," I said. "No matter how I try to get this off of him, he's going to get poo all over himself."

My husband said, "Cut it off of him."

This is how we think the same.

I grabbed the scissors from the drawer and started cutting from the bottom to the top. After the onesie was split, I took Mateo's arms out of the sleeves, lifted him up, and pulled the onesie out from under him. I threw the onesie into the plastic bag my husband held, cleaned Mateo up, and put another onesie on him.

When under pressure, it's just easier for us to throw out stuff than try to save it. Yes, I know, not good for the environment and it's like throwing money away, but too bad, I say. When the poop has pooled in the onesie, the onesie's outta there.

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