Monday, July 09, 2007

So I've turned into one of "those" people.

After spending years and years of professing I would never have a kid and that being pregnant is like growing an alien inside oneself, I've realized I've become one of those people -- the type I'd want to run away from, screaming "shut up, shut up! there is more to life than your baby and how cute it is when he drools and smiles and poops a tremendous poop!" This realization hit me this weekend when I was making Mateo laugh by simply acting like I was going to tickle him and then actually tickling him while my husband held on to him. Every time I'd lift up my fingers in a display of tortuous tickling movements, his little eyes would become big, his smile would start forming and his body would clench up in preparation for what was to come. When I made contact with his belly and sides, he'd smile and laugh and make his cute Mateo-gurgle sounds.

How does it get any better than that?

How about when I fed him pureed apple straight from the container after he finished is bowl of rice cereal and mashed bananas a la grandma? As soon as the pureed apple hit his taste buds, one eye would close up, his little lips would purse up and he'd quickly shiver and shake his head to remove the sourness coating his mouth. The first time he did this, I screamed for my husband to come and to come QUICK, which he did and with a look of horror on his face. I was in the process of telling him it's a good thing, not a bad thing, but he was already annoyed with me for screaming, "Edgar, come here NOW!" His annoyance with me soon faded when he witnessed Mateo's little face puckering up in displeasure:

and he too began to laugh. The really odd thing about this whole situation was that Mateo kept eating, closing one eye and shivering. His dad's love for sour things may have passed on to him.

I've also turned into one of those fools that force others to look at her kid's pictures (online, of course -- no real photos for me, thanks, not unless they are bound in a mini book) EVERY SINGLE TIME she updates his blog. I've been known to post something and then immediately call Mateo's grandma to tell her she needs to go look at his blog -- NOW!

The only good thing is that I'm not one of those people that need constant confirmation that her child is cute, adorable, the best baby on the face of the earth because, well, he is. And sorry for the self-confidence in this fact (that is, conceit). I also don't have a need to force others to hold him because that seems to be an immediate confirmation that he is cute, adorable and the best baby on the face of the earth, and that if someone does not want to hold him, then something is drastically wrong with them and not my baby because who could not want to hold my child? Nope. In fact, I'd rather you not hold him because that means less time for me in the holding department. And you make him smell weird. I'd rather him smell like him, not you.

So yes, I am one of those people. I get complete and utter satisfaction at watching my child experience new things, happy or sad, and seeing how he reacts. It's amazing that what little he can do right now it the most fun for me to watch. And I get years and years of this? Why didn't I sign up sooner??

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