Sunday, July 08, 2007

Artist I'm really excited about!

We all went to the SJ Museum yesterday so Mateo would have new things to look at and for Mom and Dad to get out of the house with Mateo to a place that wasn't a store for the first time in who knows how long. The museum was featuring Camille Rose Garcia, an absolutely stunning and fabulous artist who creates pop art based on her views of the world. I'm completely intrigued by her, and I've already told my husband to save up 1200 bucks so he can buy me a set of three prints that I love called Subterranean Orphans:

She also makes dolls and has a few books, one of which I'm going to buy for Mateo as it's a children's book albeit a bit spooky and creepy (okay, it's more for me than for him).


Anonymous said...

this will give mateo nightmares.

jmz said...

Not if he sprung from my loins.