Friday, July 06, 2007

Why I can't post a title, I do not know. This shall be the untitled post that should have been named, Who's in the bathroom?


As I was rocking Mateo to sleep tonight, my husband was milling around in the hallway, mumbling to himself, and, I assumed, getting mad at the cats. Then I heard him shooing someone away and telling them to get lost.

I put Mateo down in his crib and walked into our room. I looked in the hallway, and there was Zoe with her paw and one eye looking under the bathroom door. The light in the bathroom was on, but my husband was in the kitchen, doing dishes. I did a cartoon double-take at the bathroom door, then at my husband, when he said, "Sophia's in the bathroom."

Huh? I thought. Why is Sophia in the bathroom? Better yet, why does my husband know Sophia's in the bathroom and this is okay?

"Sophia's in the bathroom," I said.

He gave me a look that looked like he was about to turn on a dime any second, depending on what I said after that.

"What was I supposed to do!" he exclaimed, his eyes bugging.

"Not put her in the bathroom?" I said.

I walked to the door, opened it a crack, saw Sophia hunkered down, waiting to make a break. I gently pushed her away so I could get in the bathroom with her when I saw the poo log on the floor. I got in, closed the door and took some toilet paper to pick up the poo log, which I then deposited into the toilet.

I grabbed Sophia, put her on the toilet lid and lifted up her bushy cat tail. She had another long poo log stuck in the depths of her fuzzy butt hair. I grabbed some more toilet paper and gently grabbed for the log. This, of course, made Sophia crazy, and she immediately turned and bit my wrist while letting out a mad cat growl.

I grabbed her neck fur so I could remove the poo log, which I did, and put that in the toilet as well. After flushing the toilet, I gave Sophia's butt a once over and then let her out of the bathroom.

Zoe was at the door the whole time, so Sophia took her craziness out on Zoe by chasing her off into the bedroom.

And still, to this time, my husband is brooding over the fact that Sophia had poo logs stuck to her fluffy butt hair and he didn't know what else to do but put her in the bathroom and wait for me to wonder who was in the bathroom and why Zoe was so interested.

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