Sunday, August 19, 2007

My husband is really a blond and baby proofing is no fun.

I brought up that we should put latches on Mateo's dresser drawers and our dresser drawers (so yes, that does make about 20 or so latches to install), and my husband agreed. I also mentioned that I was kinda hesitant on putting latches in our dresser drawers because they're nice and the first "real" furniture we ever bought and well, I didn't really want them to get wrecked.

My husband said we can use the things we bought for door knobs and then the furniture won't get wrecked.

"You mean the one that looks like this," and I made a figure eight in the air.

"Yeah, that," he said.

For demonstration purposes, I'll include a picture:

"Um, that's not going to work," I said.

He looked confused.

"They're drawers. If we put those on the knobs, then Mateo can just use the lock thing to pull open the drawers."

"Oh yeah," my husband said and laughed. His black hair with tons of salt began to change to a platinum blond color.

So far, we have two bathrooms done and a utility closet door done. Yes, we're taking this slow. Mostly cause I got annoyed that I started it and it was tedious and no fun and I wanted my husband to finish it up. So he did the other bathroom and that was that.

We also bought some pretty useless stuff, including the item pictured above since we have no cabinet drawers with knobs, but we do have two swinging open closet doors, but the knobs are too far away from each other to make the lock useful. We also bought these top lock things that slide on the top of said swinging open closet doors that don't work at all. We bought outlet things, but then I realized that we have to screw them onto the faceplate of the outlets that don't get used too often, which are basically none, so that's going back to the store too.

All in all, baby proofing stinks, and yes, we should have started this a long time ago considering we've only installed latches on 7 doors so far and have a bazillion more to do. Not to mention the power strip covers for the million power strips we seem to have. And the litter box we still haven't decided what to do with since Mateo is now taking his baths in the big bathroom and having a big litter box in there plus him and me and an inflatable bathtub is just not an option.

I think it's time to pack up and move to Oregon or Washington, like we plan to do within the next 5 years. More room sounds just about a slice of heaven right now.

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