Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stranger anxiety.

The first signs of stranger anxiety are starting to show with Mateo. He's normally a very "cheesy" dude and likes to smile at the ladies as much as he can. Today while at Target some lady found Mateo particularly charming (who wouldn't?), and when she started talking to him, he immediately turned to look for me and my husband. Mateo was very tired, so he didn't even crack a smile, and I had to do the talking for him by telling the lady he would usually smile at her, but he was a bit tired today.

I do feel myself blessed that I'm one of the two people in his life that he will always be comfortable with (well, until he's a teenager and I force him to kiss and hug me in public), will always love (again, in the teenage years I suspect the level of love may go up and down) and will always feel safe with (until he realizes I have a bit of road rage).

Being a parent is pretty darn neat.

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