Sunday, September 23, 2007

To add to the husband / TV post.

So there we were last night, trying to catch up on some of our favorite shows while Mateo was asleep. We ended our evening with watching Top Chef. Towards the end, and this is after a few hours of random questions while I was typing on my laptop, he asks, "If one of the losers went into a bank to get a loan, do you think if the loan officer knew the show and them being on the show, they'd more likely get a loan for a restaurant or business?"


This is what I have to contend with. He should write one of those random question books that I used to love so much as a kid/teenager.

By this time I was dead tired, sick of the questions, but still didn't want to be mean to him because he did give me the gift of sleep that same day. So I went the "I dunno" route. Just cause we work for a bank doesn't mean I want to ponder borrowing possibilities. I don't even do anything with banking for gosh darn sakes!

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