Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sign of what's in store for me.

Yesterday Mateo and I went to Kaiser to get our flu shots. Me, being a first time taking my kid to Kaiser to get a flu shot Mom, didn't realize I would be there for well over an hour, waiting for him to get the shot, and then having to wait to see if he's allergic to the shot, before we could go home. I really thought it would take only a few minutes because that's how it is with the adult flu shots.

As per the norm, Mateo attracts attention because of his hair and his eyes and how cute he is (oops, was that being too honest?). One lady entertained him while we were waiting for the shots, asking me questions about him (she thought he was one -- must be the hair) and commenting about his eyes and hair and, well, how cute he is (and he is! -- oops, there I go again). She also agreed with me that he's a nosey boy who thinks everyone in the world is there for him and to pay attention to only him. He's got to be up in every one's business, it seems, and this has been confirmed by the daycare ladies. I think he gets this from me. I too, like to up in every one's business, but being an adult, I can't do it like he does. But I do find my sneaky ways.

After his shot, we got to sit down. A lady sat down in front of us with her daughter, probably a month younger than Mateo or very close to his age. The little girl began to stare at Mateo, and I'm assuming Mateo was staring at her because she was paying attention to him, which is what he expects at this point in his life. The lady then stood her daughter up, and she starting taking baby steps (with her help) towards Mateo. Mateo then got all excited, so I stood him up so he could interact with the little girl. He then started babbling about something to her, making her smile. They both started trying to grab at each other (more Mateo than her...sigh), and Mateo kept up his chattering. The little girl was all smiles.

It was then that I realized I was doomed. My boy is a playboy. He's suave, debonair, a cheeser. In other words, he takes after his Daddy to a certain extent. And it took me many years to remove some of his Daddy's cheesy "I'm the man" attitude, and now my cute little son is the same way. Daddy had some pretty good lines when he was younger, and apparently, Mateo does as well. Too bad I don't know what he's saying. Mateo, not Daddy. Although sometimes I don't know what his Daddy is saying.

Shall I just lock the door now? Never let him out again?

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