Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jack's Big Music Show.

I've thought about posting about Jack's Big Music Show a bazillion times, but never have. I love this show, and luckily, so does Mateo. He can watch this endlessly. Well, okay, he really can't because his attention span isn't the greatest, but once he hears the theme song starting, he will stop whatever it is he's doing, army man crawl himself towards that TV and start chatting away to Jack, Melsie Boy (really Mel) and Mary.

I discovered this show because of Comcast's "On Demand" feature, oh, some time when Mateo was 4 months old and could care less about what he was watching on TV. I loved the show for three main reason:

1. It is completely centered around all kinds of music and musical instruments, and one thing I want Mateo to love as he grows up is music. Ideally, I would like him to learn several musical instruments, but that's really up to him.

2. The puppets and set design are the best. I think if I could change anything about myself and life, I would have gone into puppetry and puppet design.

3. The conversations and words used are great -- lots of spiffys and swells, and well, that's just spiffy and swell with me.

One day when I had the show on in our bedroom, a new character came on to fix an instrument, Dr. Strings, and I was thinking to myself, that guy sounds just like Andrew Bird, who just happens to be one of my favorite artists of all time. But how weird would that be, I thought. Just too weird. But as the credits rolled, Andrew Bird was listed. Not only was I surprised to realize how skinny he was, but that he wasn't British. Not sure why I thought he would be British, but he I did, and well, he's not. He's also not very good looking. Sorry Andrew Bird, if you ever google yourself and my blog posting is listed and you just happen to read this.

So now we watch Jack's Big Music Show all the time. We're just starting to watch Little Einsteins, but I don't like it that much. Actually, I'm not really liking many kid's shows and I'm not really looking forward to Mateo wanting to watch shows that I find totally annoying.

If anyone out there knows where to get official Jack's Big Music Show merchandise (besides the DVD and CD), then please let me know! So far, I can't find anything, and I would love a set of Jack characters for my desk at work. Oops, I meant for Mateo.

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