Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I was a Jr. High hussy.

One of my friends is going on the John Mayer cruise at the end of this month, and one of the activities on board is an 80's prom party. She showed me the dress she got from etsy and while we were chatting about the accessories she could wear, I started looking at prom dresses on etsy as well.

On page 4 or 5 of the prom dress search, I came across this fabulous number:

Now, now, I know what you're thinking: I want that fabulous black and white number with polk-a-dots and a floppy black bow!

This is either the exact same dress or a very similar dress to the one I wore to my Jr. High School graduation. Not only did I wear it, but a few other girls I was friends with had the same thing or one of a different color. Apparently in 1988 it was the "hot" item as far as prom dresses go.

Now, I have to wonder, why did my mom allow her 14-year old daughter to wear this? Did I complain? Cry? Say something stupid about her hating me and not letting me dress like a bubbled hussy? And she just gave up and let me have it? Or was it not even an issue? Was she just glad that I wanted to wear something feminine?

I'm 34 now and I can't imagine wearing this to an event (not that I'll be hitting any proms soon, Mateo's only 11 months old). If I wanted to wear this, I'd definitely have to have a jacket or sweater or something to cover up. And from what I remember, I had neither when I was just a skinny youngin'.

I'm sure my mom will have some input on this matter. I think I wore this dress in to a high school dance as well. I guess that makes me a Jr. High and High School hussy.

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