Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ah, yes, here she is!

The innocent have been removed from this picture. One innocent was sent this picture because I'm still friends with her.

I'm particularly fond of the hairdo because it would take me HOURS to get my hair to do that since it's naturally flat with no body. Thank goodness for hairspray! And mousse. And determination. And lots of time on my hands.

Dang, I bet my husband wishes he had met me way back when. Sweet dreams, dear hubby. Dream of floppy bows and polk-a-dots.

Next segment of horrendous fashion that makes me laugh 20 years or less later: My Jr. Prom dress! When I find the picture. Me in all my iridescent glory....ah, yes.

Special thanks to mom for ransacking her photo albums, scanning this picture and emailing it to me.

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