Friday, January 18, 2008

Kids Shows: An Expose. Boohbahs!

So we're watching more and more kid shows because of Mateo. Let me fix that statement (I've yet to learn how to do the fancy cross out the words and add new words thing that fancy bloggers do - I'm sure there is some HTML thing I could be doing, but I'm lazy and don't want to look it up): Mateo watches about 5-15 minutes of whatever show and then crawls around, throws himself on the ground and whines or tries to get into corners he's not allowed to go into, and I end up watching the whole stupid show for some reason.

Let's start with Boohbahs. The first 5 minutes of this show is the intro and it seems to go on and on and on and on. But Mateo really likes it. I'm over it after 30 seconds. The Boohbahs are these teardrop pipe cleaner penises. They live in a pack of birth control pills. The story people are the only adults, however, there are kids who bring them presents by going down a spiral walkway in the middle of the psychedelic dancing space of the Boohbahs. The story people are supposedly related, but they really aren't unless they are all adopted. I know this because there is an Indian lady, a black man, white people and Asian people.

(Side note: I was wondering where the story people part was filmed, so I looked it up (I tend to do this with anything that interests me, so if you watch kid shows, you'll find out some interesting things if you keep reading my next posts), and all the story people skits are filmed in Spain. The studio stuff is filmed in England. I was betting on South Africa. I was wrong.)

(Another side note: I just learned how to strike out words. Total coincidence too. And yes, I do have to use HTML, but it's really not that big a deal.)

After the story people, the show quickly moves onto the fun "Look what I can do!" segment, where kids repeatedly do some simple movement. This usually looses Mateo completely, and since we watch these shows on Comcast's On Demand feature, I usually fast forward through it because I'm not too impressed with the kids' skills.

The final segment is some fancy Boohbah dancing, and Mateo definitely stops watching at this point. I'm usually chasing after him or trying to distract him at this poinnt, so I let the show keep running until it's over.

And yes, in case you were wondering, you two can own your own teardrop shaped pipe cleaner penises! Or just visit their lovely web site and get totally confused like I did. I guess you have to have a kid's brain and not an adult's brain that thinks its a kid's brain.

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