Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm feeling...rather I want to air out my monkeys from my brain closet.

So the whole Jr. High dress got me thinking about Jr. High and some of the things I remember not so fondly of. For some reason unbeknownest to myself, I had (definite past tense) a tendency to become attracted to probably the ugliest and most odd boys around. This continued for some time, all the way up til Jr. College when I was stood up for a non-date to have coffee and just "talk" at a coffee shop near where I worked.

Yes, I was dumb enough to think the guy would come, even though he told me he had a girl friend.

I'll admit it, I don't have the greatest track record with guys and dating, and what little dating I did, if that's what you call it, most of the guys were just a bit off.

There was a guy in Jr. High that I remember in particular. I don't remember how we started talking, I don't remember his name (Wayne - just came to me), I don't remember much of anything about him except two things: he looked like a weird alien and he was in 8th grade. So yes, this was when I was a 7th grader and it was the pre-hussy years.

All I remember was that someone liked the other one, we sorta talked while at school, and when there was a school dance, he was there and I was there, and it was then that I decided he was way too weird looking and uncool for me to continue liking him. I'm not sure how it ended, but I am sure of this because I made a habit of doing it over and over: I just stopped talking to him. I think he gave me a note about the lack of communication between us, but I could be making that up. Granted, since I can't remember, he could have stopped talking to me. I was the one girl at my Jr. High who was told by a gym teacher that the boys ASB cards were being passed out over there. Yes, in other words, I sorta, kinda look like a boy.

Hence the fabu hairdo in 8th grade - I am female, hear me roar.

I mean, I did actually have serious crushes on really cute guys - don't get me wrong. It's not like I was a total blind rodent trying to find her way in maze known as "going" with each other. I just seemed to always attract the underdogs or the weirdos or the really ugly guys no one else would touch with a ten foot pole.

Next blog entry: Melvin aka "doc of style," heavy metal dude from art class, the stalker guy from General Cinema (he came with a crazy stalker letter I wish I had kept), usher from General Cinema who was the older brother of a girl in my HS class, two guys my husband says were in love with me but I never really thought so - oh, let's make that three guys, coffee guy.

After coffee guy, I actually got a really cute boyfriend who was several (ahem, 5 years) older than myself but who was just an 18-year old mentally. Then I found my one and only. My dear, dear hubby. I was at the ripe old age of 19 (yes, that's 15 years together, if you're counting). He wasn't weird, he was cute, he was nice although a tad surly, he was smart, he liked things I liked...he was as normal as I ever got - if you don't count that he wouldn't hold my hand in public for almost a year because I wasn't his "girlfriend" until about that time.

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