Monday, January 28, 2008

Parenting magazine is stalking me!

I'm not a magazine reader. I like to look, flip pages, read snippets and forget about it. I'm a browser, not a reader. I look at pictures, I look at ads, I look at recipes. I'm just not one for magazines.

My friend M offered to give me a gift subscription to Parenting magazine last year, and even though she and I both knew I'm not much of a magazine reader, I said okay since it was free on her end and I could just browse and then recycle.

So I got my magazine the other day, and I was looking through it last night, and then I left it in Mateo's room.

In the middle of the day today, one of our Admins came over to me and lifted up Parenting magazine and said, "your MAGAZINE is here...." in a very sarcastic voice. Then he started reading the captions on the front, which are rather silly, one being about how to bring "sexy back" -- you know, for us fatty mcgoo moms who are so tired at night they can hardly think of how their child came into the world.

The whole time he was mocking the magazine with my name and work address on it, I was saying, rather high pitchedly (is that a word? well, it is now), "What!? WHY AM I GETTING THAT HERE? I DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO THAT MAGAZINE!!!!!"

He said I must because it's got my name on it. Then he handed it over.

I held it like it was possessed, a magazine stalker from hell that will never leave me be. I glanced at the address label -- it said DEC 08, which means I'm going to be getting this stupid magazine for a YEAR and at WORK.

Then I noticed the bring "sexy back" thing, read it out loud, and said, "Oh, you just said that, didn't you?"

So yes, I'm being stalked by Parenting magazine. I still don't know how I got this second subscription, but it's mine and it's evil.

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