Friday, February 01, 2008

Sad day in the history of TV. And some other TV nonsense.

Montel Williams show will be over and done and dead as a mouse stuck in a trap after this season ends. Who else will feature Pyschic Sylvia Brown every single flipping Wednesday? Where will she go?

Luckily, the other man in my life, Dr. Phil, is going strong.

Lost began its 4th season last night -- I'm still on Season 3, disc 3, show 3 of 4. But thanks to my lovely iPod touch, I'm plowing right through them all and should be caught up by next week. And yes, I'm recording season 4 so I can have a Lost day on the couch.

WE will be showing High School Confidential in March. Now if I can only remember to record it.

Why is it with the writer's strike going on, our DVR is filled to the brim with new show goodness?


Anonymous said...

There is always Cheaters - the very bestest show.

jmz said...

Cheaters is only good when Joey Greco gets shanked or farm animals are involved.