Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ah, good times. And yes, watch this, don't just roll your eyes at me.

Since I'm now hooked on these darn video podcasts because of my xmas present (iTouch video iPod), I'm always looking for really funny things to watch on my way to work and back. (Books? What are those? Eyes are for watching video podcasts, not reading. Pishshaw!)

This is one that made me laugh out loud on BART, something that is always fun to do because it's already weird enough that I'm staring at a little box that I periodically tap at, let alone laugh and smile while my eyes glitter with glee.

This video gave me even more school flashbacks (I know, I know, I said I'd write things about my past men (more of a joking statement than you'll ever realize), and about kid TV shows - and I will! I shall. I will.), especially all the journals I kept where I basically bemoaned my existance or complained about boyfriends. I still have them. They're packed away. I'm too afraid to read them because I really don't want to come to that realization of how silly I was as a teenager. I likened myself to dark and brooding -- the creative type people just didn't understand. I'm still dark and I still brood and I'm still creative and people still don't understand me, but my attitude about it all has taken a serious 180 turn (partially thanks to meds, thanks meds!).

Anyhoo. I hope you watch it. You. And you know who you are.


Anonymous said...

Hamsters? Field? How Cruel!!!!

jmz said...

How cruel? Don't you mean, how familiar?

DLH said...

This is pretty hilarious. I actually thought of you when I first saw it (before this post). I think you have an open mic night in your future.