Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Complaint I'm sure I've complained about before.

I'm so sick and tired of really tall daddy long legs men sitting next to me on BART. Why do they insist on folding their bodies up so they can sit next to me when there are plenty of available seats with no seats in front of them? Why oh why?

I spent most of my BART ride this morning dealing with this 8-foot tall daddy long legs whom fidgeted to no end because I never once gave up an ounce of room for his spindly legs and arms. He eventually hunched himself over while sticking his bent legs off to the aisle side so he could read his newspaper. I don't know if these men assume since I am smaller than them that I am willing to squeeze myself up next to the BART train wall, but it's simply not happening. And yes, if you start pressing your legs up against mine, I'm still very much inclined to start whacking you with my knee.

And don't get me started on having to ask them to move so I can get out. The unfolding of the daddly long legs body takes an impossible amount of time.

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