Monday, February 18, 2008

Wow. I love Mateo's daycare!

Mateo was sick all last week, and I called almost every day to his daycare to tell them he wouldn't be coming in. At some point my husband asked if we only pay half the fee since he wasn't there the whole week, to which I responded: No. It has to be planned with a few weeks notice. That's just how it is, per the agreement I signed, I'm not even going there (although I would love to only pay half of his huge-ass fee darn those corporate daycares and their money grubbing...oh, lost my mind for a second).

So today I decided to pay his weekly fee. I opened the e-mail that has been sitting in my inbox for a couple of days, and low and says we only owe half of what we normally pay. I went online, and yes, that's what it says. And that's what I'm paying. And I'm not about to ask any questions.

Take the goodness as it comes. Thanks, daycare!

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