Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I will not be drinking green beer, I will not be eating corned beef, I will not be wearing green (even hidden green underwear), I will not be drinking any beer for that matter, nor will I be thinking about drinking a beer (okay, maybe a little -- I did walk by House of Shields, which is celebrating St. Patty's Day in full force, and I was a bit nostalgic, although I've I've only been there three times (1. had drinks and dinner, 2. wanted drinks and dinner, but they no longer served dinner, and the bartender said if we went and got some, to bring him back some, which annoyed me to no end so we left, and 3. I sat glumly while 8 months pregnant, sipping my 7-up, while my husband drank a few beers before we had a "last hurrah" dinner before Mateo arrived (totally a bad idea))).

Instead, I will be falling asleep around 8pm in a daze of nyquil because I have a niggling cold that my dear sweet Mateo gave me.

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